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  • Thinking a little smarter

    Dutch bicycle company VanMoof redesigned its packaging to look like boxes for TV sets. Overnight, their shipping damage was reduced by 80% (true or not true = completely irrelevant in this case, we use the example "to make a point"). This is the definition of "thinking smarter". How would you [...]

  • UF stars at Pitcher's Corner

    You probably know that I'm a mentor at the Sten K Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship, but I don't know if you know that I'm also a UF advisor to two teams at ProCivitas in Lund and one team at Christian 4's Gymnasium in Kristianstad. One of my Lund team had a specific desire to get more confident [...]

  • The Blog.

    Welcome to this blog. Here you will be able to follow what's happening at bibik Co., my projects and initiatives, plus share thoughts and ideas on how to successfully package your knowledge and expertise into profitable products, services and concepts.