taking leaders and entrepreneurs
- and their concepts - to the next level.

founder of bibik Co.
one half of FRYKMAN BIBIK

advisor at Lund's Nyföretagarcentrum
mentor at Sten K Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship at Lund University.

With a unique and limitless mindset and total passion Magdalena turns the client’s concept into a success, and working with her is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Professional Reputation, analyzed in 2023

bibik: Mondays, in Swedish

Call To Think: Tuesdays, in English

FRYKMAN BIBIK: Thursdays, in Swedish

I have had the pleasure of working with: Lund University - Region Skåne - Ideon Science Park - Nyföretagarcentrum - Venture Cup - Bioss - Schibsted - Reputation Mastery - ICA - Bergendahls - Dublin Chamber of Commerce - Semper - AnnLeda AB - Söderberg & Partners - Telge - and others.